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The name "Tri-Wall" a world wide brand came into existence in the early 1950's when Abe Goldstein, a small box maker in New Jersey, USA, invented the manufacturing process for a new, heavy-duty corrugated material he dubbed As Tri-Wall Pak® "As a replacement for wood and other materials that had dominated transport packaging up until that time, Tri-Wall Pak®'s many advantages were quickly recognized.  And within a decade of its introduction into the marketplace, Tri-Wall Pak® could be found in virtually in every sector. The great success of Tri-Wall Pak® in the U.S led the company to extend its reach worldwide through a series of local partnerships. Beginning with the UK and Israel in the late 1960's and Asia in last three decades. 




Tri-Wall (Israel) Packaging solutions Ltd is a subsidiary of "Globus world wide logistics" & IPMthat gives her the ability to provide a wide range of packaging and logistics solutions.




 The company owns a factory in Israel:

Tri Wall Or Akiva - produces triple-wall boxes, wood boxes, plywood boxes and pallets made of wood and triple-wall 

The management office is located in Or Akiva.



All products comply with international standards and certified to ISO 9001-2008.

All pallets and other wooden products are treated according to Standard ISPM - 15.



The company has a highly trained designer staff. Located across the country and can provide computerized design services using 3D software.



Over the last forty-years "Tri-wall (Israel) Packaging solutions" becomes an innovating and leading company that can be found in the fields of Hi-Tech,  chemical industry, food and agricultural ,transport packaging. 

Ministry of Defense, the IDF and the Israel Air Force.



Tri-Wall world wide

 U.S.A : www.triwall.com

 Europe : www.triwall.co.uk

Asia: www.tri-wall.com.sg

China:  www.tri-wall.com.cn

Japan : www.tri-wall.co.jp